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The Ransomed Returning Angie Lofthouse

The Ransomed Returning

Angie Lofthouse

Published January 22nd 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After a lifetime of comfortable slavery, freedom isnt always easy to bear. Over a year after the emancipation of Earth, Peter Halstead—older brother of Derek, the hero of the emancipation—has been delivered from his long servitude to the invaders. But reminders of his bondage remain. Black cities still dot the globe, with the alien bureaucrats still in charge. Goods are still being shipped from Earth to the alien planet Nebkiriv, but worst of all, Zion wants to negotiate a trade agreement with the cursed invaders. Peter can see only one way to come to terms with the loss of his freedom and his youth for so many years. Revenge. When Zion is struck by a rogue invader attack vessel, Peters resolve is further hardened and he seeks out others who want revenge as much as he does. Meanwhile, Hannah, Derek, McKenzie and the rest of the defenders of Zion scramble to find the source of the attack and unravel the conspiracy behind it before Earth becomes subject to its enemies once again.